About us

Flying Spark is a FoodTech company, active in the field of insect-based alternative proteins. 

Flying Spark focuses on R&D and production of high quality and sustainable alternative protein powder and other ingredients manufactured from the fruit fly larvae. 

Sustainability is a core value of the company, therefore, our technology facilitates both efficient and reproducible cultivation and processing of the larvae. To achieve this,  biological traits of the larvae are engaged into the process, allowing optimal environmental conditions for their growth and reproduction.

Flying Spark products are incorporated in aquaculture, pet food and human food  industries, as well as in the cosmetic industry. 

the World without Consuming the Earth

 Farmed on special and sustainable diet

Rich in Protein

Rich in Essential Minerals

Best Amino Acid Profile

No Cholesterol

Short Lifespan

Rapid Body growth

Self cleaning

Self Harvesting

No GHG Pollution

Negligible Land Abuse

Low Water Utilization

Zero Waste


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